Al Sayer Energy Services Co. WLL.


The Company is licensed for the supply of support services, contracting and trading in this sector.
The company has a Joint Venture operation with ISPROMA of Italy covering a range of specialist services to the oil industry:
• Inspection testing and maintenance of metallic structure, e.g. oil & gas wells, pipelines, reactors, storage tanks, GPL facilities, refineries, petrochemical plants, cathodic protection systems, desalinators.
• Analysis and study of structural and corrosion problems, including design and installation of corrosion monitoring equipment, both mechanical and electronic.
• Design and construction of small/mid sized equipment for the oil industry, e.g. furnaces and heat exchangers.
• Data collection and handling for local networks (instruments, signals, computer connections).

• Electrical engineering

• Engineering education and training
This operation is active in the following countries: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Oman, Qatar and Yemen.
Other activities include oil and related product trading.
Location: Safat Towers - Kuwait City
P.O. Box: 794, Safat, 13008, Kuwait
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